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We meet the Thursday after the first Tuesday of every month, 6:15 pm.

You are invited to attend your first two meetings as our guest.

2017 Membership dues are $40, family $55 and student $25. Dues may be given to or mailed to Vice President, Pam Felton (921 Shoshoni, Cheyenne, WY 82009). We now offer online membership as well. Please click here for the membership page. Your membership card will get you a discount at several local turning supply retail stores (see the Resources page.)

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YouTube Channel for Rocky Mountain Woodturners Videos

RMWT has set up a YouTube Channel to make our club demonstration videos available online. A tab is now in the menu bar. To view a video click here.

2017 EOG Grant Applications

The annual EOG process will conclude shortly, so please consider applying. See details at the following link: RMWT EOG Guidelines and Application(pdf).

Submit 2017 completed applications to EOG Chairman Elizabeth Amigo, efamigo@msn.com. If you have questions regarding RMWT EOG grants, please contact Elizabeth or anyone else on the EOG committee or RMWT Board.


Woodbank Guidelines now available. Must be read prior to use of the woodbank.

Upcoming Meetings

Meetings of the Rocky Mountain Woodturning Club are held monthly at Woodcraft in Loveland located at 3718 Draft Horse Drive in Loveland, CO. For directions go to Woodcraft/Loveland or call 970.292.5940. Click here for upcoming meetings and scheduled events.

Up Coming Meetings

September 7, 2017 RMWT Monthly Meeting

John Giem - Vacumm Chucking

When I first started thinking about putting together a vacuum chucking system for my lathe, I was concerned about the expense involved to just finish off the bottom of a bowl. After I constructed my first system, I learned how limited my thinking had been.

In presenting this demonstration on vacuum chucking systems, my objective is to help others understand what a vacuum system can and cannot do. I will not make you experts but I will strive to make you knowledgeable and dispel fears of the unknown.

You will be shown how to simply determine how well a system is working and then utilize it to perform a variety of tasks. It is much more versatile than normally perceived. I will be demonstrating several techniques that will make your woodturning simpler and more enjoyable. For some of the projects, only vacuum chucking will be utilized.

As a result of my working with vacuum systems, I learned numerous things about them that were unknown to most woodturners. As a result, I wrote several articles that were published in the American Woodturner to share some of the techniques. Since the publication of these articles, I have discovered more techniques to make vacuum chucking more efficient and easier to do.

Articles in American Woodturner: Understanding and Improving Vacuum Chucking Systems, February 2011, pgs 26-32 How to Get the Most from your Vacuum Chucking System, October 2014, pgs 38-44 Compliant Vacuum Chucking System, June 2012, pgs 26-31

September18-19, 2017 - Pyrography Workshop

Cynthia Carden Gibson

9:30am – 4:30pm
Cost per person $200 for both days

Day One features Cynthia demonstrating and teaching her style of Pyroengraving. Participants will study technique by working on a grid and creating a series of patterns. A practise board will be provided.

Day Two includes demonstration of design implementation, inspiration for designs and the addition of color. Participants may bring a dry turning (or flat piece of maple) sanded to 600 grit, or they can use another (supplied) practise board.

Click here for a printable flyer

To see more of Cynthia’s work, visit her website http://www.cynthiagibsonpyrography.com

Class will be held at Cindy Drozda’s workshop, 655-1/2 Pierce St, Erie CO 80516 (Please go to the shop on the alley East of Pierce St, not to the house)

Contact Camille Wall for more information: Camille_wall@hotmail.com

October 5, 2017 RMWT Monthly Meeting

Rudy Lopez

Although he is a relatively new wood artist, Rudolph Lopez has always had a love of natural objects and the environment in which they flourish. Growing up on a cattle ranch in Florida with his father and uncles who spent most of their time in the woods, he grew to love the outdoors... trees, water and all things relating to nature. To this day, Rudy’s greatest pleasures come from mountain-biking, canoeing, kayaking, hiking and just being in the woods.

Rudy began working with his hands at a very young age and began to develop his creative eye through photography—his first artistic pursuit. With an education in drafting and design, he drew inspiration from the surroundings of his youth, Rudy began his relationship with wood as a craftsman of fine furniture and cabinetry. His desire to explore wood-turning began to develop when he received a natural-edge turned bowl as a Christmas gift from his best friend two years ago. Since that time, Rudy’s natural sense of curiosity has led him to explore the techniques necessary to transform wood from a simple rough chunk into an piece of aesthetic beauty. He has the ability to look at an object, understand how it is made, and recreate it with very little effort. It is as if his brain is linked to his hands by some arcane memory.

When asked what kind of wood he most likes to turn, Rudy’s response was, “imperfect wood, wood with knots, voids, worm holes, decay or any other flaw or defect. To me this is the beauty that God and nature has provided me with as a starting point, and then it becomes a challenge for me to continue this and create something of beauty for others to enjoy”. Rudy’s turned pieces have been featured in the “Rounding The Four Corners” exhibit 2008 and “Restful Places-Cremation Urns and Objects” 2009 at the AAW Gallery of Wood Art in St. Paul, Minnesota.