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We meet the Thursday after the first Tuesday of every month, 6:15 pm.

You are invited to attend your first two meetings as our guest.

2019 Membership dues are $40, family $55 and student $25. Dues may be given to or mailed to Vice President, Jim Felton (921 Shoshoni, Cheyenne, WY 82009). We now offer online membership as well. Please click here for the membership page. Your membership card will get you a discount at several local turning supply retail stores (see the Resources page.)

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YouTube Channel for Rocky Mountain Woodturners Videos

RMWT has set up a YouTube Channel to make our club demonstration videos available online. A tab is now in the menu bar. To view a video click here.

2019 EOG Grant Applications

The annual EOG process will conclude shortly, so please consider applying. See details at the following link: RMWT EOG Guidelines and Application(pdf).

Submit 2019 completed applications to EOG Chairman Clarence Sitzman, seesitzman@aol.com. If you have questions regarding RMWT EOG grants, please contact Clarence or anyone else on the EOG committee or RMWT Board.


Woodbank Guidelines now available. Must be read prior to use of the woodbank.

Upcoming Meetings

Meetings of the Rocky Mountain Woodturning Club are held monthly at Woodcraft in Loveland located at 3718 Draft Horse Drive in Loveland, CO. For directions go to Woodcraft/Loveland or call 970.292.5940. Click here for upcoming meetings and scheduled events.

Up Coming Meetings

April 4, 2019 RMWT Monthly Meeting

Doug Schneiter - Basket Illusion Turning

This demo will be on basket illusion turning using the D-Way brand of shear style beading tools, to make a small bowl. I will demonstrate my techniques to mount the blank to the lathe, true up the outside of the blank, and show how I shape the outside profile of the bowl, and how I will mount the blank to the lathe for the final turning. I will be using the D-Way brand of shear style beading tools to put the texture on the surface of the bowl. I will demonstrate how to use my index plate and pointer system to layout the radial lines, and show my procedure for burning these lines into the wood. I will then proceed the operation for reverse chucking the piece to turn off the evidence of the chucking method. Once that is done, I will talk about the designs that go onto the bowl, and how I color the design onto the surface of the bowl. Throughout the demo, I will also be discussing design and proportion, using the Golden Rule and Fibonacci’s number in making pleasing shapes.

May 9, 2019 RMWT Monthly Meeting

Merryll Saylan - Form, Contrast, Pattern, Texture and Color

“Form, contrast, pattern, texture and color are primary themes in my work. Bowls and platters serve as my canvas on which to investigate and explore surface manipulation and visual images. The nature of wood – with its inherent differences in color, grain, texture and density – offers the ground for for experimentation with pigments and texture. The recent multiples and installations allow for more complex studies by the juxtaposition of one piece to another. Environment has always affected my work and living next to a salt marsh with its movement and patterns from tidal action is reflected on my surfaces. I have been influenced and attracted to the work and themes of artists such as Morandi, Wayne Thiebaud, Agnes Martin, and Hans Coper.”

June 6, 2019 RMWT Monthly Meeting

Cindy Drozda - The Fine Art of Woodturning

Cindy Drozda, has worked with wood since age 7, when she built a playhouse out of orange crates and re-used nails (with a little of her father’s help). At 19, she artist and has been turning since 1985.

Cindy’s elegant lidded vessels with delicate finials choreograph pure classic form with the natural grain patterns in the wood, creating a sculpture with elegant presence and lively personality. Her work can be seen at the finest juried shows, galleries, and exhibitions in the USA, as well as published in several books. learned professional woodworking on the job at a player piano factory. She is currently a full-time wood

Cindy shares her woodturning knowledge and passion as an international demonstrator, teacher, writer, and producer of instructional DVDs. She has been invited to teach at symposia and clubs around the world and across the US. She is a member of the American Association of Woodturners, the American Craft Council, and four AAW chapters.


July 4, 2019 RMWT Monthly Meeting

Party ??

September 5, 2019 RMWT Monthly Meeting

Ray Cole - Rose Engine

October 3, 2019 RMWT Monthly Meeting

Raleigh Lockhart - Mini-Birdhouse

December 4, 2019 RMWT Monthly Meeting

Christmas Party