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We meet the Thursday after the first Tuesday of every month, 6:15 pm.

You are invited to attend your first two meetings as our guest.

2018 Membership dues are $40, family $55 and student $25. Dues may be given to or mailed to Vice President, Pam Felton (921 Shoshoni, Cheyenne, WY 82009). We now offer online membership as well. Please click here for the membership page. Your membership card will get you a discount at several local turning supply retail stores (see the Resources page.)

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YouTube Channel for Rocky Mountain Woodturners Videos

RMWT has set up a YouTube Channel to make our club demonstration videos available online. A tab is now in the menu bar. To view a video click here.

2018 EOG Grant Applications

The annual EOG process will conclude shortly, so please consider applying. See details at the following link: RMWT EOG Guidelines and Application(pdf).

Submit 2018 completed applications to EOG Chairman Clarence Sitzman, seesitzman@aol.com. If you have questions regarding RMWT EOG grants, please contact Clarence or anyone else on the EOG committee or RMWT Board.


Woodbank Guidelines now available. Must be read prior to use of the woodbank.

Upcoming Meetings

Meetings of the Rocky Mountain Woodturning Club are held monthly at Woodcraft in Loveland located at 3718 Draft Horse Drive in Loveland, CO. For directions go to Woodcraft/Loveland or call 970.292.5940. Click here for upcoming meetings and scheduled events.

Up Coming Meetings

November 8, 2018 RMWT Monthly Meeting

Dave Landers - Turn a Forest - Ring Christmas Ornament

I've been enjoying turning as a hobby for around 30 years. I find that turning allows me a unique way to express creativity and craftsmanship. The constrained geometry (circles) satisfies my left-brain engineer-self. The freedom of hand-cutting a form in a natural, random medium (wood) stimulates the right-brain artist in me. I really don't have a set style or "signature piece", but just enjoy experimenting with things and trying new techniques.

Turn a Forest

Let's make some Christmas ornaments - lots of them! We will use a technique called "ReifaFGRA endrehen" or "ring turning".

One kind of ring turning (making rings to wear on your fingers) has become really popular recently. But that's not what we're doing. We're doing the other, older style of ring turning: make a large ring (8 to 10" diameter) with the desired profile and slice the ornaments from the ring. We'll add a step using inside-out turning to create a hollow shape.

Using this method, you can quickly make 40 to 50 ornaments at a time.

December 6, 2018 RMWT Monthly Meeting

Christmas Party