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We meet the Thursday after the first Tuesday of every month, 6:30 pm.

You are invited to attend your first two meetings as our guest.

2015 Membership dues are $40, family $55 and student $25. Dues may be given to or mailed to Vice President, Jim Felton (921 Shoshoni, Cheyenne, WY 82009). We now offer online member ship as well. Please click here for the membership page. Your membership card will get you a discount at several local turning supply retail stores (see the Resources page.)

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2015 EOG Grant Applications

The annual EOG process will conclude shortly, so please consider applying. See details at the following link: RMWT EOG Guidelines and Application(pdf).

Submit 2015 completed applications to EOG Chairman Elizabeth Amigo, efamigo@msn.com. If you have questions regarding RMWT EOG grants, please contact Elizabeth or anyone else on the EOG committee or RMWT Board.

The deadline for 2015 EOG grant applications is January 15, 2015.

New Woodbank Guidelines now available. Must be read prior to use of the woodbank.

Upcoming Meetings

Meetings of the Rocky Mountain Woodturning Club are held monthly at Woodcraft in Loveland located at 3718 Draft Horse Drive in Loveland, CO. For directions go to Woodcraft/Loveland or call 970.292.5940. Click here for upcoming meetings and scheduled events.

Up Coming Meetings

March 19, 2015

Pen Turners Meeting

April 9, 2015

John Giem - Offset Inlay Turning

Several years ago, I attended a class at Lee Carter’s. One of the projects he had was a small pendant decorated with offset inlays. The techniques he had us utilize were effective, producing good results. Later, when talking to my wife, it was realized that this type of design could be extended to making larger projects such as coasters and trivets. When she ‘ordered’ several sets of coasters for Christmas presents, I recognized that Lee’s method of mounting and remounting the coasters for each inlay would be too time consuming and a bit awkward.

To make the larger number of coasters needed, I developed a set of techniques using templates and a simple shop made fixture. Using the templates, I can accurately position, size and turn the different size disks needed for the inlays. Then using the fixture, I can mount the coaster once using double sided turning tape and then complete the entire project. The fixture provides adjustments that enable one to place the inlays anywhere on the turning blank surface. The positioning of the inlays is simple, accurate and repeatable.

During the demonstration, I will show how to make a design for your inlay project, develop a table listing the position for each inlay disk, mount the blank on the fixture, do the inlays and then complete the turning. I will also be discussing short cuts that improve efficiency and speed up the project and recovery from several common problems that may occur.

April 23, 2015

Pen Turners Meeting

May 6, 2015

Guilio Marcolongo - Full day class at Rockler

May 7, 2015

Guilio Marcolongo

I started turning wood in 1995.   My woodturning journey started after I did a 2 day workshop with Vic Wood.  On Vic’s recommendation I went to New Zealand to the Ottematta Experience which was held on the South Island of New Zealand.  My mate Bruce Talbot and I came back to Australia and started a similar event as the Ottematta Experience which we named the Down Under Turn Around.  To this day there are five such events in Australia.  Turnfest, the Australian Symposium, was originally run under the same idea.  At the Ottematta Experience I met and became friends with Dale Nish .He invited me to visited him and go to the Utah Woodturning Symposium.  I stayed with Dale the following year and was his guest at the Symposium.  Dale invited me to be a demonstrator at the following year’s symposium.  The rest is history.

I have been invited to the Utah Woodturning Symposium many times.  I was a demonstrator at the 2005 AAW Symposium in Florida.  I have demonstrated and taught in New Zealand many times, as well as in England and Ireland, and many times at Turnfest in Australia.  I can turn my hand to most forms of woodturning. 

May 21, 2015

Pen Turners Meeting

June 4, 2015

Neil Turner

Neil Turner now resides on a 10 acre wooded block at Stratham 11 kilometers south of Bunbury. The years spent on his wheat and sheep farm 180 km east of Perth in Western Australia provided the opportunity to use timber normally overlooked and neglected by other woodworkers. His early years were spent juggling work and family with occasional woodturning. He has been turning and sculpting timber for over 34 years, attending workshops whenever possible to improve his technique and sharpen his focus and skills. In 2011 Neil attained a Diploma of Fine Furniture from the Australian School of Wood in Dwellingup. He will incorporate his many skills to make art furniture.

Artist's Statement

My rural environment greatly influenced me, as I was able to observe the wind, fire and water impact the land. My intention is to incorporate these aspects into work that has a free, expressive and organic appearance while using carving and turning techniques to achieve a purity of form.

Timber is a living breathing organism that captures my imagination. The opportunity to express thoughts and ideas in a tangible creation that continues to react within its environment. To design and create in timber presents many challenges both in structure and integrity but the pleasure I derive from my work is simple, a joy and passion to create pieces of work that I like.

June 18, 2015

Pen Turners Meeting